Welcome to Under the Tree – Podcast for AA Genealogists & Historians

Hello to all. My name is Meredith Williams.

I’d like to introduce you to a new podcast called Under the Tree that will debut February 28, 2006. This podcast will feature genealogy research from an African-American perspective.

Most African-Americans have the unique distinction of being descendants of slaves. As a result, the genealogy process and the dynamics of that process can be quite daunting. For those of you who saw the program by Henry Louis Gates – African American Lives – on your local public broadcasting station, you get an idea of what can happen to a person once they really know where they came from.

Some of the specific subjects we’ll be covering are:

  • 60 and over interviews – individuals who, in their lifetime, may have known slaves or are¬†immediate descendants of slaves
  • Interviews with genealogy/history scholars
  • Planning a family reunion
  • African American Church Records
  • Graves
  • The Disgruntled Family Member
  • DNA Research
  • Finding Slave Owners to Find Your Family
  • Family Memorabilia
  • African-American Genealogical Historical Society
  • Book Reviews

If there are subjects that you would like emphasized, please contact me via email. I’d love to hear from you.

Also for more information on the genealogy project I’ve been immersed in since 2000, visit my site at www.harleefamily.com.

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